3 Sales Funnel Secrets

Imagine this: you have one thousand new leads and you want to make a profit (duh). Do you:

a Sell ​​them a product for $ 27
b. Sell ​​them a product for $ 27, put them into a sales fannel and sell them for $ 67
c. Sell ​​them a product for $ 27, put them in your funnel and sell them for $ 67, then followup with an offer for $ 97?

Actually the answer is, “none of the above.” Why? Because once you have a thousand leads, the last thing you want to do is dump them in a sales funnel that stops at 3 offers clickfunnels pricing table

You want to put your leads in a funnel that has a very long tail … in fact, ideally, you want to pour your leads into a sales funnel that really has no end in sight

But first, you need to know the 3 secrets for getting leads and then channeling them into a sales funnel in the first place.

Secret # 1:

You do not need to get money Personally I create new leads every day that is what I have to offer, sign up to hear more about my products, and become customers, thus going on to buy more from me for years on end. I’ve been doing this for over 5 years in the tune of 3 million a year, and there is no reason why you can not get your leads for free and dump them in an ongoing sales funnel that you pay weekly, too.

Secret # 2:

The best way to make a sale is to increase your costs, thus increasing your customer value as they progress through your funnel. Example:

Last year I paid $ 80,000 to join a trip with a group of entrepreneurs to Branson’s private island, hosted by Joe Polish. I started out buying an eBook from him at $ 27. So you can see, you can have a funnel that starts low, and essentially never ends. Joe could add an event or experience on his funnel that cost $ 200,000 at this point, and because I know he delivers value, I would consider spending that. I am now inside a very successful sales fannel, for life.

Secret # 3:

The key to success with a sale is always over-deliver on value. You may have heard this before, but what exactly does “over-deliver” mean?

Here’s an example of over-delivering About a week ago, I ordered a new headset in the mail – you know, the kind that you use for teleconferencing? So, the headset arrives about 3 days later.

I open the box, and take out the headphones Imagine my surprise when I see that whoever packed the box included a handful of tootsie rolls. Yes, you read that right Do you think I remembered the company? Do you think I would like to jump over them – maybe even continue to buy from their funnel for the rest of my life? Of course.

Now, do they really offer me another story? They did not – which means, obviously they have not read this article, and do not realize that a $ 27 headset buyer may eventually buy a home stereo system for $ 1000, and so on.

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